Tuesday, April 24, 2012

NYRR Run for the Parks 4M

Look! A new statute I never looked up long enough to notice.
 Even though my race morning inspirational text said not to underestimate this race even if it is only 4 miles, I did. Well. I don't know if underestimate it is the right word. I couldn't get my head in the game. I tried to warm up a little, but when I didn't even feel better after that, I knew I was in trouble. I don't normally get into my groove until mile 3ish, so by then the race was pretty much over. I have absolutely no idea how to race shorter races. Maybe, if I paid more attention to really training and doing things like speed work, I would (slacker!), but I don't. And it sucked. Oh well. I got what I deserved. Boo. And not only for that reason, but a few more:

At least I looked cute!
For the first time since moving to NYC, my allergies were acting up. It started the night before and I got terrible sleep. Then during the race, it almost felt like an asthma attack at some points. I could not catch my breath or get rid of the awful tickle in the back of my throat. Now I know what everyone is talking about during allergy season, but seriously; this has nothing on NOLA's allergies.

My PureFlows killed my calves. I've been trying to break them in for the past month or so. They've been working out pretty well, my feet love love love them, even if I am still a heel striker. I haven't gone over 4 miles in them yet and I thought this would be perfect. Apparently, my calves didn't. They were on fire up until mile 3 and then they felt awesome (of course).

My running skirt. This was my first time trying it out (I know, nothing new on race day. . . blah, blah, blah) AND without a separate pair of compression shorts underneath. I've had a long history trying to wear the running skirts skirt with no luck. This time did not change anything. I know that the creators are hardcore runners/triathletes and whatnot, and they advertise that and that's why their designs are awesome, but can a tall girl with curves catch a break please? Somehow, even with the "longer than normal" shorts and largest size they make, this skirt still becomes a belt on me. Even with the vaseline, the shorts rode up. Luckily, it was a cold morning and a short race; otherwise, this would have been a disaster. I'm seriously not impressed with running skirts (those things aren't cheap!) and still super disappointed, because they do have cute designs. Maybe in my next lifetime, god won't give me hips? We can only hope.

But I will say, I was super impressed with the tshirt design. What, what! By far my favorite of my NYRR tshirt collection, which is also why I already have a ketchup stain on it (and why I can't have nice things). Whoever they hired, they need to keep and make sure their next design is on something tech (and preferably not white).

If only it weren't cotton :-(

So, I'm just going to shake this disaster of a race off and focus on the next because that one has a Disney vacation attached to it! 

What do you do to feel better after a sucky race?


  1. I felt like you were on my shoulder in Boston. I kept saying things like "this would be nice if they had done that instead." "Why did they choose THAT font?" "I like their IDEA, but they really need to rework the design." I laughed every time I said something like that. I just thought, Ha - maybe I'm making Abby proud right now!

    Running Skirts are funky - I have to wear iFitness belts so that they stay in place. They always end up riding up on me in the waist area. Or going down. they don't just STAY like SkirtSports do. I bought a tank top from Running Skirts. I picked large. Eek. Send it back - got XL, the biggest size they have.... STILL doesn't fit. You've seen me. I have the flattest chest ever. I'm not overly huge. And I still can't fit?? They need to reevaluate. We aren't all made like twigs.

    After a sucky race ... I usually focus on the next one - or find a better one to register for!

    1. haha, love it! Now we just need to influence the rest of the running world to understand that what they are used to is shitty design. You totally made me proud!

      Yea, not a fan of running skirts. But the designers designed them for people built like them. Sadly, I don't see that many twigs running.

    2. Oh man - I didn't tell you .... I refuse to buy from Newton now because the tool working their sort of gave us attitude and made fun of us as we were leaving. It isn't my fault that they had a shirt with a cool saying on the back, but ruined it with the most disgusting design across the front. They lost probably $60 from us because of the front of the shirt. But I wasn't rude about it. I just said to the Coach that it was too bad, and they need some help with their designs. As we were leaving home boy had attitude. I almost dished it back --- but he alone made me decide to never buy anything from Newton.

  2. As a girl with hips, I totally know what you mean about Running Skirts sliding up and what not. But I have had good luck with Skirt Sports. But yeah, they aren't cheap at all!