Wednesday, April 11, 2012

NYRR 2012 Scotland 10k

Now that this is my second year running NYRR's race, it all seems a little redundant. The races are the same every year, even down the to the time of swag that's given out. Please forgive me, I know it's normal, I just thought something would change a little? Well, at least the good news is I know which races give out the good swag ;)

This past weekend, I woke up way too early on a Saturday, again, for the Scotland 10k. This year, I was prepared for the hills. Well, I knew about them, that counts, right? This is what NYRR's site says (that I clearly missed last year):

This morning the 6:30 train came on time and I get to the park super early. I decided I needed to stay in the subway station for at least 15 minutes, because my previous decision of shorts with no extra pants was an awesome plan on a 40 degree day. So I fell asleep on a bench for a second, then made my way into the park. It wasn't too crowded or crazy (I was literally the first person to use the port-a-potty I went in. That's never happened!) even though there were supposed to be 11,000 people there.

Same bagpipe players at every mile, again.
To be honest, I don't remember much of the run. I was ready for it to be over before it even started. 4th weekend in a row of racing and I was tired. Every mile felt like it was forever (even though I was going pretty fast for me). Is it just me or the shorter the races the longer they feel? This 10k definitely felt longer than the half marathons. I did get through it, though. 

One of my pet peeves in races is when I pass someone and they start running, just enough so I don't pass them and then start walking again. WTF is that all about? Run your own race, asshat, and quit messing with my energy! It drives me batty b/c I either have to speed up so much they can't pass me or slow down so they feel better about themselves. I hate those people. Please don't be one of those people. Anyway, there was a chick who did this and ended up getting pretty far ahead of me. Whatever. Randomly, right before the last mile I noticed I had caught back up with her. I started pushing myself so I could blow past her right before the finish (haha! Don't mess with me!) but right as I was about it, I decided not to throw that negative energy into the universe. Even though, she thoroughly pissed me off, I hope she enjoyed her race. . . the karma :-) Next time, I might not be so nice.

I grabbed a bagel and headed out of Central Park and back into bed for a much needed nap. Can't wait for this Saturday. I am sleeping the day away! 

When was the last time you got to sleep in?

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  1. I have that same pet peeve!!

    I totally just gave up during a race because this girl was bugging me so much so I held back to not try to pass her and then have her do that. I wish I could just be good enough to pass and not get passed.

    Ooh, one year ago last weekend at my 2nd half marathon I was cat and mousing it with this chick. I felt she ran better than I did. I knew I was sick and had vertigo and I felt she deserved to cross the finish line first. I wasn't going to pass her. We get onto the football field - the finish was on the 50 yard line. She turns back to see where I am. Instead of staying stead she speeds up! She deliberately wanted to ditch me. SO... I yelled, "No!" and kicked it into 6 minute mile pace and passed that girl. Boom! Don't be obvious that you want to beat me or I'll be sure to beat you!