Sunday, April 8, 2012

Cherry Blossom 10M Race


How in the world did I luck out and get entry into 2 of the hardest lotteries (well, besides the NYCM)? I already had a busy month with the NOLA RnR and 13.1: NYC but with the extra races, it was way cray cray even for me. The fact that I got in shocks me, the fact that I'm still walking shocks me even more. Nonetheless, I did and I accomplished the insane month of races; and won't be doing anything like that again.

Shout out for a pretty decent expo for a 10 miler.
I had a few issues with the way the race handled a things.  I'm ok with paying extra for medals and a tshirt upgrade (really? Ok. whatever. Who doesn't want a tech shirt and a medal? Weirdo) but not being able to upgrade the shirt at the expo was kind of annoying. Yes, it was my own fault I didn't upgrade in the 1st place, but at the time the extra money wasn't worth it. I know they ordered extra. I was ready to pay but whatever. It wasn't that awesome a design anyway.

Another HUGE gripe: Previously mentioned shitty volunteer would not allow me to switch corrals and struck the fear of God into making sure we knew we couldn't change no matter what. Then the morning of the race, the volunteers let any and everyone in any corral. Not cool, CUCB. Megan and I played by the rules and because of it didn't get to run the race together.

Alright. On to the race!
Start/ Finish Line
Megan, the awesome race travel partner!
Because I was scared shitless of getting swept, on the for real yo, I told myself no pictures, no lollygagging (it's my specialty). I had to get my poor little legs to run under a 14 minute mile (the course has a strict time limit- you thought NYCHalf was bad); I can't remember the last time I did that. Sadly, my recap only involves 2 pictures on the course:

 Lincoln Monument

 A very far away Washington Monument.

And to be honest, those were the only two times I looked up the whole time.

I did figure out how to stay on pace, though. This was the first race I had ever paced off of someone before. I had heard of this from other runners, but being a run/ walker, I didn't think it was possible. I figured it out by accident really. I was about to pass this woman, but I told myself to slow down and run behind her for a minute b/c I was letting the adrenaline get to me. So I did and figured out she was running a 13 minute mile. After every walk break, I would try to catch back up to her and it totally worked! I was worried she would figure it out, so I stayed a little back from her, but she never turned around. She totally helped me get to mile 5, but then she veered off for a bathroom break. Waiting for her was a little too stalker for me, so I had to rock it out myself the rest of the way. 

 No worries! I did it.
(trust me, I was worried)

 I'm still amazed that my body allowed me to do that. I had to keep telling myself it's ok to be uncomfortable. Running harder than I would normally push myself was a challenge but it made me hopeful for running faster in the future. . . as in the distant future after I get to take a break from races for a moment.

I went to DC for the Cherry Blossom 10 mile race and didn't take one picture of a Cherry Blossom.
In my defense, those suckers bloomed weeks ago due to the insane weather we have been having. The closest I have is this:

DC, you're so festive!

The End.

What do you think of the 10 mile distance? I read somewhere it's the new "it" distance. Are you a fan?


  1. Yay! Congrats!! This is another race on my bucket list! But man alive I need to work on my pace! 14 minutes!? Yikes!

    1. I know, right?! Super annoying. Honestly, I was a little more freaked out then need be, but I would've liked a little more cushion.

  2. Tower of Terror will be my first 10 mile race, so I'll tell you my thoughts after we both cross that finish line!

    I am NOT a fan of just free for all corrals if they are intended to have order. That's where Vegas went downhill immediately. If I am in corral 17 and get shoved into 16 because 17 is too full -- then see people will corral 39 on their bib - we have a problem!

    I'm glad you played by the rules - even though that sadly meant you two couldn't run together. At least you weren't one of the rule breakers!

    1. Yea, free for all corrals, not cool.

      10 mile races, same as half marathon, seriously.

  3. I am running my first 10 mile race this weekend...the Austin 10/20. Hopefully it will be fun! I am running it with friends, so that makes everything better, right??? Congrats on your race.

    1. Oh!! So jealous. I've been eyeing that one since it was announced. Let me know how it is!
      Thank you! I bet you'll rock yours, too.

  4. Congrats! You finished the race, but apparently not 5th Grade history. That first monument you took a picture of is the Jefferson Memorial, not Lincoln.

    1. I guess we can't all be perfect; then who would you take you Napoleon complex out on?

    2. Oh trust me, there are many people who feel the wrath.

  5. I got in to this lottery last year... and my friend switched corrals. We didn't ask, we just did it. Nothing bad happened. What I liked best about this race is all the stats that the website provided. The fact that I could see exactly where I was on the course when the leader crossed the finish was quite amusing...

    1. Thats cool. I didn't even check that out.

      I know we shouldn't have cared about the corral rules, but I feel like if I'm going to bitch about races, I should be practicing what I preach.