Saturday, April 7, 2012

TJ's Couscous Feta Salad.

We interrupt the regularly scheduled blogging to talk about food.

No I'm not turning into a food blogger (that would be weird and I'm embarrassed about what I eat. It's not pretty or what a person who runs multiple half marathons in a month should be fueling with). I am definitely not a foodie, but I did discover this amazing recipe and I need to share it.

No, mine does not look like theirs. I don't like olives.

Yall, this is de-lish. I almost ate that entire bowl (It's easily over 4 servings. It makes a ton!). I'm not normally a couscous fan (I'd rather taboule's cracked wheat) and I usually prefer my chickpeas mashed up in hummus, but something about this recipe told me I had to try it. 

I'm not really a cook (not that this required much cooking) but I was browsing the Trader Joe's website and I stumbled upon their recipe section. I will admit I'm also going to try the Pork tacos and the chicken glaze. It's my favorite store; even if it gets so crowded the line wraps around the store and my anxiety shoots through the roof. And of course, it doesn't hurt that their branding rocks my socks! 

Anyway. This made my day and I thought yall should know.

Hope your Easter weekend is hoppin'.
(Oh yea. I said it.)


  1. Ha, hoppin'... I can't believe you went there!

    I might, if I feel brave, try to make this! I DO like olives though. Love them! I tried to make couscous once. It didn't come out very well. I think it was more than brand than my cooking though.

    1. I totally went there! You should know better. haha!

      You really should make it. It's amazing. I didn't realize how easy it is to make couscous until recently. It's literally just boil the water (or in this case, the veg broth), put the couscous in and then take it off the fire and let it cook itself. Ready in 5 minutes. Like instant rice.

    2. That sounds nice and fast! Okay, after vacation maybe I can be brave and give this - or at least couscous - a try!