Wednesday, April 25, 2012

#EEC12 is almost here!

Monday night, we rocked a 4 mile walk in less than an hour! That includes our .5 warmup and .5 cooldown. Now, I'm totally confident about our 5k adventure in 2 weeks!

I know it was silly to be concerned, but newsflash, I am not a fast walker. During my 1 minute walk interval, it takes me a second to get into a groove and by then it's time to run again. So, I've never worried about it until I started training to walk. Sunday's race with the calf pain gave me more concern. Then, the genius that is my love mentioned if worse came to worst, I should just run. Which is what I did! Not fast and towards the end we were at the same pace. It was easier for me to run slow instead of trying to speed walk. Done and done. I'm totally confident we are going to rock this! Even though my genius is concerned about the scavenger hunt, I am not (and I promise not to accuse runDisney of being wrong, when in fact I am).

Fruit Fly, being the awesome chick that she is, snapped a few pics of the medal for me while she was in Boston on her epic adventure. Spoiler alert: Don't scroll if you don't want to see the medal!

A working compass for when I get lost in DAK at night.

This weekend we will still train, but more of a "taper". What else is there really to do at this point in the game? You either got it or you don't. And we definitely have it :-)

 Waivers are printed and we are ready to go!

I'm not sure if I informed the blogosphere of our costumes, but we will be sporting them. Just a few finishing touches need to be made.

Can you guess what was made out of these?
Give me an excuse to dress up and I'm there!

What's the next race you're looking forward to?


  1. I like how you made the two photos into one! I'm wondering if you used that app that Emily talked about that I then had to go and download, too!

    I cannot wait to hear about EE. It looks like sooooo much fun!!

    I don't know what I'm looking forward to. Nothing really. I mean I have a lot on the schedule but nothing is lighting my fire at the moment. Nothing until Disney's Tower of Terror, but that is sooo far away.

    Have a blast in DAK!!! Send Anandapur my love!

    1. It IS the app Emily was talking about, Diptic. Totally worth it and lots of fun. Get it!

      I will definitely document well. I'm excited b/c I don't think I've ever spent that much time at DAK, minus working there. This will be fun.

      I know it feels far away, but so did this race!

  2. Now that is just a fantastic medal!

    1. I know right?! Better than some half marathon medals I have.

  3. Yay for Diptic!! And how cool is that medal?!?!? Hope you had a great time!