Sunday, December 2, 2012

Another half marathon (+3)

1st full week back training! Well. I took Wednesday off. I really wanted to get in some yoga, but instead I: 

Cooked dinner
cleaned the kitchen
sorted through my obnoxious pile of mail
cleaned off the randoms on the kitchen table
put away clothes from laundry last weekend
emptied all the small trash cans around the apartment
cleaned out 3 old purses to put back into storage
packed to go to the gym for the next day
got coffee ready for the morning
Stayed up to actually spend time with B
That's a lot of stuff and I felt really good about it, so I don't feel too bad putting Tara Stiles on hold. It  reminded me of all the things that get over looked during training. You know, the little things normal people have time to do? If it doesn't involve getting in miles, food or sleep, clearly, I can't be bothered

It also didn't help that I already wasn't looking forward to 15 very cold miles this weekend. When did it get so cold?! Oh, right. While I was recovering from the last marathon distance. Weather changes always give me anxiety about planning my outfits (I hate to be too hot, but I don't want to be uncomfortably cold 5 miles in). But looking at it positively, It's only 6 weeks. That's nothing compared to the previous 6 months and I've already covered the miles. It's just actually doing them, that's getting to me. 

Anyway, I got out there and did them. That's what runners do- we get it done. The best PIC ever joined me for my first 6 (who, btw, isn't training for anything at the moment, she's just awesome like that) and then I went on to run 9 more, for a total of 15, which was on the high end of my mileage for the day. Being honest with myself, I knew for the first weekend back, I'd probably only want to do 13. Not bad considering I didn't want to do any

PS- Ice Baths are completely different animals in the winter. Yikes!

While running I came to 2 conclusions: I am still very emotionally scared over the life interruption of Sandy; I feel like that's a big reason why I don't have that much motivation. And I spent the last part of training for the marathon so focused on making sure I got the mileage done, I left my form go to shit. Now that I know I can do a full marathon, I need to spend these weeks focusing on form and all the positivity that surrounds the Disney marathon and how awesome it's going to be.

What's your next big race?
Hope everyone who had a race this weekend rocked it!   


  1. I keep staring at your picture and my brain can't sort it out. It looks like you're ice bath is iced coffee - but hey! I'm on bored for that!! Mmmm, coffee ice bath.

    Next big race is Goofy and well, yeah. I don't think I'll feel ready even if I cross the finish line. I'm exhausted just thinking about it. But meeting you and Fruitfly will be exciting!

    1. haha! That's an ice bath, instragrammed.

      The weekend is going to be so exciting, you won't realize you're tired until you're on the plane home; or at least that's what I felt like last year. Well. I lie. I was in a TON of pain as soon as I finished my last half. Yikes. It's cool. We got this though.

  2. I feel like you and I are in the same boat right now.

    Every time I run I keep thinking Disney Disney Disney. I need to find some motivation! If I'm not racing then I'm pretty much NOT running these days. I suck!

    One more half marathon on the 22nd, then it is all about Dopey!! Costumes: 5K - Sue Sylvester type track suits. Half - Woody & Jessie. Full - Batman & Batgirl. Done, done and done!