Sunday, December 16, 2012

Ted Corbitt Classic 15K (x2!)

Seeing as this was my longest run to date, it only makes sense that I figured out a system for managing my weekend training now.

The night before, I made enough food for the entire weekend. This way when I got home from my long run, all I had to do was ice bathe, shower eat then pass out. For some reason I was opposed to having food in the house on weekends all season long. It would waste valuable nap time trying to figure out what I wanted to eat, knowing I'd eat anything you put in front of me. Sometimes I'm such a genius, it frightens me.

I got to the park and did 4 miles pre-race. I was fine until about mile 1 of the actual race when I started having terrible stomach pains. I'm pretty sure it had a lot to do with the food hangover I put myself in from our office Christmas party on Thursday. That or the Margarita Chomps I decided were a good plan because I was afraid I wasn't hydrating well enough. Either way, I felt terrible and wasn't sure this 18 miler was going to happen, much less the 9.3 mile race I was currently in. I am not one to usually have stomach issues, so I fully sympathize for yall that do. It's not fun.

According to NYRR's site, This 15k was particularly brutal since the route takes you through all of the major hills of the park (minus Harlem) twice. That sounded awesome, let me tell ya, especially when you read about this the night before AND you haven't run at all that week. What was I thinking when I signed up for this?! Right: course support, which honestly, was totally worth it. Plus, it was my first 15k, so automatic PR! Fine.

To make matters worse, my favorite pet peeve was happening (walkers running as soon as I would reach them). Well, I don't know what happened around mile 6, but I finally felt better. Who gets into their groove at mile 7 (or mile 11 total) of a 9 mile race? This marathoner right here. I was not having it anymore. It took a few more times of cat and mouse, but I ended up smoking each and every last one of them (5 in total to be exact ;) with a mile to spare. Screw that. No one puts baby in a corner. I am training for a marathon and I will not let you ruin my race because you can't run your own. I am strong and amazing and you can't touch me. Talk about a confidence builder! It was super empowering.

Then I paid dearly for it for my last 5 miles. Not gonna lie, my hips and my knees were killing me. I even had a stop a few times to stretch, which has never happened to me during a long run. I decided if this happens in Disney, I can use a picture stop or 2 to stretch. I spent those miles concentrating on not concentrating on the pain and it worked! Either way, I'm pretty confident about it all. I know how to deal with the pain and I'm ready. One more 16 miler and then I'm tapering. Thank goodness.

Yes, I'm a dork and wore last year's Half marathon shirt for inspiration.

Last long run done!
How do you know when you're ready for your race?


  1. Woohoo!!! I can't believe you are this close to tapering!! And yay for the automatic PR!! Preparing your food prior to the weekend? Brilliant. I need to copy you as lately I am eating everything and anything.

    1. Me either! I'm so excited about it, you have no idea.

      PLEASE copy me. I wish someone would've told me. I'm happy to share, bc I'd want someone to tell me.