Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Sweaters! Sweaters! and More (Old Navy) Sweaters!

I have a love affair with Old Navy. It's true. I think it happened in college, but it was solidified when after 2 years of hunting for the perfect skinny jean, I found them there (The Flirt). I also happen to be on Crowdtap, which if you're not yet, click here and start tapping! Thanks to them, I got the opportunity to check out the sweaters for the season.

A little bit about me: My body runs on the warmer side. So much so, I've been nicknamed the human furnace. I don't like to wear too much because I don't like to sweat unless I'm working out. With that being said, NYC winters get way too cold not to have a sweater or 2. I prefer mine to be cardigan style versus pullover so I can easily layer on and off as temperatures change. But I do like a traditional sweater for layering on cold days, turning a dress into a cute skirt for a wardrobe refresh or a plain ol warm hug all day
Sweaters! Sweaters! and More Sweaters!

I gave the traditional sweater a try, but I didn't think it was all that flattering.

Then I came across this one, which reminded me of South America (anyone going in the near future, please feel free to bring me back one!) and I've always wanted one! The style that I love plus the design? I was sold. Unfortunately, no size I tried looked quite right on me.

Winner winner chicken dinner!
I fell in love with this one as soon as I saw it. I've always admired this style; it always looks so comfie! But I wasn't sure it was for me. Sure enough, this was it!
I've worn it pretty much everyday.
Being that they were so awesome and sent me a coupon to share with a friend, I immediately sent it to my seester to get her take on the sweaters.

 She had a lot of fun
The bright colors for the season were definitely an appeal for her. She gets cold a lot easier and faster than me, so a pullover would be more convenient for her. She usually likes the blue hues but I was proud of her for branching out and trying on other colors.

 In the end, she went with the traditional sweater.

Can't wait to wear them together when I go home for Christmas! 

What's your favorite style of sweater? 

Crowdtap provided me with the coupon for the sweater. I provided my own opinion.

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