Monday, December 10, 2012

Life Insta'd: Date Night, Rockette Style

 It takes a lot to get me to be anywhere near 30 Rock during Christmas season. The 1st time seeing The Rockettes? I totally made an exception :) Even though we've both lived in the city for 5+ years, neither of us had ever seen the show (again, it's midtown in the middle of tourist season. 'Nuff said). We figured it would be a great date night adventure. Being that this year was the 85th anniversary, they had a few exhibits in the lobby showcasing year's past costumes with sketches and history (hence the photos above for your enjoyment!).

The show was worth seeing (I'd totally go back!). It reminded me of The Christmas Gala, NSU's theater department would put on every year (rockettes, toy soldiers and all, I might add! Not to brag, but our theater department was the best in the state ;). The show was geared to the tourist crowd, but sometimes it's nice. Even though I was thoroughly impressed with the athleticism of the fabulous high kicks, seeing live camels on stage totally made my night (just ask my date, who's leg I kept hitting when it's tail moved proving it was real. I thought it was 2 people in a costume). B was very excited to see the sheep. I thought she said sheik- which confused me for awhile and later we found quite hysterical. And speaking of, did you know the 3 wise men had names?! I swear I learned more about the nativity at this than I did in 13 years of Catholic school.

What's your favorite date night?

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  1. Live camels on stage? Sign me up! Sounds awesome.

    As for date night...well, it's been so long since I've been on a really good date that led somewhere, that I can't remember. ;) Glad you had a nice night. Your date night sounds great!