Thursday, September 12, 2013

(3 Things) Blackfish, Tower of Terror 10 Miler and RNR: Philly

I first heard about Blackfish when it was reported that Disney/ Pixar changed the ending to Finding Dory following it's release at SunDance. A documentary strong enough to change the ending of a Disney movie? That was pretty much enough to peak my interest. When I found out it was still playing in NYC, I was really excited to go. 

I'm sure subconsciously everyone already knows that conditions for animals kept in captivity aren't great. Blackfish does a great job of explaining in depth why keeping orcas in captivity is a terrible idea. If you haven't heard about this documentary yet, I high suggest you click over and watch the trailer. Be prepared, it's not easy to watch, but you need to see it. I'm overwhelmed with wanting to hug Tilikum and go on an Alaskan cruise to see Orcas in their natural habitat; they're just breath-takingly beautiful. Yes, I know documentaries are extremely slanted views, but it doesn't change the fact that it breaks my heart!

ps- kudos on the clever type treatment ;)

B says we're no longer allowed to go to the movies to watch documentaries having to do with any type of "creature". We are allowed to buy the film when it comes out (in order to still support!) but we cannot go out in public. Apparently I end up a hot mess crying hysterically on the streets of NYC with a car full of people looking at B like she did something terrible. Not exactly the best ending to date night :)

Fun story: When my dad took me to see The Land before Time, I cried all the way through the movie (remember, his mom dies at the beginning of the 70 minute film), through dinner, the entire car ride home and once we got there, my mother was sure my father beat me. No. Just a super sensitive 6 year old. Clearly, not much has changed in 25 years :)

PPS- If you know of any good documentaries about any type of whale, please let me know. I've spent pretty much all of my free time since trying to absorb as much information as possible about whales.

I feel like the waiting for Dumbo to get here took forever and now we're being sling-shot into fall. It's already time to start thinking about The Tower of Terror 10Miler! Waivers and Final Race instructions went out this week. B and I are very excited to be participating in the Happy Trails 5k- as of earlier this week, we have our outfits (because technically they're not really costumes) ready to go! I have a few finishing touches for my 10 miler costume but that was easy. Let's all do a collective cool weather dance, because I won't survive if not! I know I should know better, especially since I ran it last year AND I  just got back from a race during a heatwave. Anyway, I still need to get our costumes prepared for The Mickey's Not-So-Scary Halloween Party- in 3 weeks. Eeekkk! No time for it this weekend, though- because I'm going to Philly!

A women's cut tech tee for a race?! YaY!!
I mentioned the awesome medal here.

What was I thinking?! I'm still tired from Dumbo and Tower is in 2 weeks after this (remember, I'm out of race-cation practice!). Not to mention, I have full marathon training I need to be focusing on! I tend to plan race-cations because of novelty ideas and skip of the logistics. I figured I have a 15M on the schedule, why not have 13 of those miles be during a race and get an awesome tshirt and medal for it? Didn't really pay attention to all the other stuff going on. . but who cares?! I am super excited- while I'm there, I get to go to the cutest one year old's Birthday party and I get to hang out with friends! I will be too distracting having fun to be worried with anxiety. 

What are you looking forward to this fall?


  1. Jealous of your racecations! I need another race to get her soon to get me in the fall racing mood. I have the race schedule planned out (you've seen it), I just can't get stoked to the point of looking forward to my long training runs. Maybe some 60 degree temps would do the trick?

    1. 60 degrees definitely helps! I wouldn't be motivated after the heatwave we had in LA either.

  2. Definitely doing a cool weather dance for you!! I do the same thing - plan the racecation and forget about the whole logistics thing. But yeah - if I've got a training run, I'd much rather be doing it on a course with peeps, water and get a medal at the end of it! You know, that was one thing I had wanted to do (besides an Alaskan cruise) was go out to the San Juan islands (a little north of Seattle) and go on a whale watching tour. But yeah, I might wait for the DVD because I would be bawling as well.

    1. Thanks, Emily! I think I'm going to need more than a dance. It is Florida.

      You can kill 2 birds with 1 stone by going on an Alaskan cruise- they had whale watching excursions! Definitely get the DVD when it comes out.

  3. You MUST take a cruise to Alaska! It is amazing, and we were fortunate to see an orca...they're beautiful animals...Confession - I might have watched "Free Willy" OnDemand a couple of weeks back...

    1. Ahhh! I know I do!! So jealous.

      No judgement :)

  4. Well, of course, we have NYCM to look forward to this fall and I get to see you!!!

    I can totally see you bawling about that movie and people thinking it was B's fault. ;)

    I was lucky enough to see the premiere of the Lion King at Radio City in 1994 and I vividly remember a dad trying to comfort his little boy that was hysterical after the movie about Simba's dad dying. I'm still scarred from seeing Disney movies as a kid.

    1. I think getting to see yall in Nov is the only thing I'm looking forward to about that race. haha!

      Poor B! She has to deal with me all the time.

      That's crazy! The Mufasa scene is pretty jarring, though.