Monday, September 9, 2013

The Disneyland 10k (Dumbo Day 1)

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and now for the recap! 

I'm pretty sure this was my most favoritest race ever in existence! 

Have you heard the term #PRinFun? This race definitely holds that title for me. The 10k is my favorite distance (and if more gave out medals like this one, you better believe it would be my only distance!) throw in 4.5 of those miles being in a Disney park AND getting to run the majority of it with my friends, well then sign me up every year! 

Hey my NYC friends and plane-mates!

Seeing as this was an Alice in Wonderland themed race and I was there to get my coast to coast, I felt it was only appropriate to bring back the Mad Hatter costume. Miraculously, that hat survived traveling to and from Orlando, 26.2 miles then to and from travel to Anaheim and another 6.2 miles. 

Pre-race photo

This was my first Disneyland race and it was a little weird walking to the start line, but I was a fan because I used it as a warm-up-ish (seeing as I how I forgot to stretch). A couple of our friends had trouble meeting us at the start because of the 5k finishers, but they have ninja style moves and found us right before we crossed the start line.

Hey Roommates and speedy friends!

The first 2 miles took us out around Anaheim and the hotel we were staying at. Then, the fun began! The rest of the park was pretty much in the parks. We entered through Cars Land and this was my very first view of it! 

The Radiator Springs Welcome Wagon!

I didn't really have a race goal, I just wanted to go slow and have fun. I knew the character lines were going to be long, so I'd be selective about who/ what I stopped for. Luckily, we did not lack in the photo taking department at all. 

Random car!

Around Paradise Pier. 
This is supposed to be us and the wheel. 
No one ever said I was an amazing photographer.

Mr. Potato Head outside of Toy Story Mania
because the line for Woody and Jessie was way too long

Random Flower!
And as I type this, I just realized it's from Alice in Wonderland. Duh.

Red Street Car!

Then we waiting in the longest line ever, but I had to have the photo. I came to Disneyland for this photo: The Monster University Crew! Technically, in previous DL races, it's the other Monsters characters that WDW races never have on course, but I'll take it.

It was so long, I stopped for tea.

And asked directions for the finish line.
Just kidding. I needed a water fountain. I ran there and back and the line had barely moved. It was taking so long, the crowded had thinned out and I was starting to lookout for sweepers. 

But no worries! We got the photo! 

Back to running and taking blurry action shots.

Need water? Take a Liter and share with a friend.

Originally, I thought the water stations spacing was weird, but Tara made the point that even though it had been a long time, we hadn't gone very far. Opps. But looking back, there were 3 water stops: 1.5, 4.5 and 5.5. No wonder.

Look who we met up with right outside of Toon Town! 

All of those characters were Alice in Wonderland and the lines were insane and we had used up all of our cushioning. But not before we took the best photo of the weekend:

I love this photo so much!

Then it was time to finish! (credit: Jaime)

(credit: Ronda)

This weekend would not have been nearly as awesome if it weren't for the people. RunDisney events have turned into reunions and that definitely makes a difference. There is nothing better than randomly running into people you know along the course. Disneyland definitely just got happier as soon as we all met up :) 


  1. Ive done one race ever.
    they rock the races (and the tutu encouraging :-))

  2. SO much fun! I love all of the pictures, especially your group castle shot! Adorable! I was excited for that Monster's U pic, too...our line was ridiculously long as well. Totally worth it, though! :0) Congrats on a great job!! Love your costume, too!

    1. Thanks, ma'am! I agree, the pictures are always worth it!

  3. Great recap! Bummed we didn't bump into each other. Running with friends always makes it a little easier and lot more fun!

    1. Totally bummed as well! I think I saw you at the half, though! When's your next disney race?

  4. We loved stopping for all the character pictures. Nice recap and really enjoyed your photos and costumes!

    1. Thanks! Hope to see you at another RunDisney race!

  5. Love the Monsters U pic! I totally wanted a picture with them, but we spent SOOO much time doing our little photo shoot in Cars Land I was worried about meeting the sweepers! Your castle pic came out awesome too, I really need to get a good castle pic one of these races!

    1. Yea, we have to pick and chose which pictures we stopped for, too. I feel like it was easier to get a good castle pic at Land.

  6. It was great having dinner with you saturday night.
    Mr. John and Miss Jeannine.

    1. It was definitely great getting to see yall multiple times! Hope you enjoyed the rest of your vacation!

  7. I loved the 10K - I'm with you, its pretty much my favorite distance and if more races gave medals for 10Ks I don't know that I would ever do another half! :) You guys got some great pics!! Especially the castle one and the Monster's Inc one!!

    1. Thanks! I'm bummed we lost you but glad we got to see you. Until next time :)

  8. Ahhh, this is such a fun recap! I LOVE your pictures! Looks like you had a great time...I know I did! :-D

  9. These pics are the bomb. Makes me wish we were still there!

  10. This review was so fun!!! I'm kind of glad I just now had a chance to sit and read it --- it's far enough out that I look back and say awww, but recent enough that it's still fresh.

    I totally called that thing "random flower", too!!!

    I remember feeling miserable by the end - from the heat, dehydration and all those Downtown Disney food smells ... but now my rose colored glasses are on and I want to do it again! But ONLY with Team Freedom!!