Sunday, September 8, 2013

NYCM Training: 8 weeks to go!

Monday: Walked 9.5M through parks

Tuesday: Walked another 8M through parks

Wednesday: Rest

Thursday: 2 Zumba classes

Friday: Rest

Saturday: 6.5M

Sunday: Rest

Welcome to NYCM Training! 

I'm really excited that marathon training has sort of matched up perfectly with Dumbo training. I will not miss the back-to-back mornings, but I don't know how I feel about putting all those miles on one day either. Not gonna lie, I'm not mentally ready to start really long runs. I'm hoping the post-Dumbo blues will wear off and I'll start to get excited for NYCM. If not, these next couple of months are not going to be fun.

Once I got back to the real world, I had no desire to run on the treadmill after Zumba class on Thursday. The weather was so gorgeous I should've just gone to the park, but I really missed going to Zumba. So I compromised with 2 classes. The instructor mentioned if you stayed for both, we probably burned about 1500 calories, but I'm going to call BS on that! Unless, you actually jumped around like you're supposed to, but I have a marathon to train for! I cannot risk injury on these already delicate knees. Ain't no body got time for that. 

It was really really really hard to wake up for my long run on Saturday. Thinking about it now, no wonder! I haven't "slept in" in over a month. I debated about taking the week off because of all the activity from last week, but seeing as I'm about to get up there in miles; 6.2 followed by 13.1 doesn't mean much when you have 20milers all at once coming up. So, I rocked a short run of 6.5 miles and felt good. I'm so glad the temps are going down, and after last week's heat situation, I thought I might need a long sleeved shirt for 60 degrees!

I also earned my runner's badge of a bloody shoe. I noticed the blood around mile 2.5, but kept going because I wasn't in pain. I stopped at my favorite park restroom and put toilet paper in between my foot and my shoe. It helped for the run back. 

How do you get excited for really long runs?

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