Thursday, December 19, 2013

(3 things) holiday break, tote bags and race swag

The holidays have pretty much officially kicked off and I'm on a mission to enjoy the crap out of the break. I will admit, it's been hard trying to regain my life back from marathon training. I didn't do a really good job of balancing a social life with training and now I'm trying to get back into the swing of things. But honestly, what is the swing of things? I guess that's the beauty of it; whatever I want! I will be staying in the city as well, so it will be nice to try to figure out what people do when they're not running or laying on their couch recovering. 

Speaking of holidays, I'm loving the holiday edition Lululemon bags. The straps are extra long and they're just snow cute ;) (yep. I'm a dork and proud of it.) Now I need an excuse to go get the larger bag. 

Just discovered the Nike website still has stuff from NYCM. I absolutely loved the "We Run NYC" branding but the amazing tank I saw all over the city (pre-marathon) was specifically for the Nike running group. I had no idea they had other cute shirts until Megan wore one for the race. This stylized Chrysler and Empire State Building is my favorite and reminds me of Mary Blair. Plus, it was on sale. SCORE! (If you ran Nike Women's SF or the Chicago marathon, they still have stuff from those races as well!)

How do you get back to non-marathon training lifestyle?


  1. Non-marathon training lifestyle? That would be every day for me. You marathoners are nuts. ;-)

  2. It also reminds me a little of It's a Small World. Not sure why. Maybe the geometric shapes?