Tuesday, December 24, 2013

My 1st Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party

When my family decided they wanted to visit Walt Disneyworld this year, I knew I wanted it to be during the "holidays" because I had never officially seen it. (Technically, some decorations are still up during Marathon weekend, but not really). I also knew I really wanted to take my nieces to the Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party. It's a separate ticket party held on select nights of the year from November to December and a great way to get to see the holiday festivities, without actually being there during the holiday season. 

Since Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween party is one of my favorite things, I really wanted to see the Christmas version. We decided this would be the perfect time to get the character photos in, especially because there are so many that you can only get during the party. It also made it easier to not have to wait in character lines that would eat a ton of regular park time.

We got to the park early specifically to eat (didn't want to waste party time!) and to ride The Jingle Cruise. I was really excited to experience the ride with the brand new Christmas additions and it did not disappoint. The story is the skippers were homesick for Christmas, so they decided to decorate. 

This was also the first time I had ever ridden in the back of the boat and you can definitely hear the jokes louder there. Even though once you were in the ride, there wasn't anything different, I thought the way they incorporated the Christmas jokes was still very clever and a nice mix-up from the usual jokes. 

After we grabbed a quick bite, I went to get in line for the Dwarves while my sister and my nieces went to have some park time. Before we knew it, it was 7 and the dwarves were there! 

We crossed over to the carousel and saw Mary Poppins, Bert and The Penguins. 
The Penguins were very excited because we had matching bows!

Pit stops for hot chocolate and cookies were definitely a must to keep our energy up! 

From there we stopped in to see Cinderella and Aurora WITH their princes. It was quicker than expected. We were in and out within 20 minutes! I was holding off on visiting the Rapunzel/ Snow White side until later, but the wait time never went down, so we waited the 40 minutes. I was warned that Flynn Rider likes to talk (hence why the wait is so long), and they weren't kidding! We compared notes with another family on the bus home, who also noticed that his talking so much made everyone a tad uncomfortable. It's one thing to want to have a magical experience with the kids, but it's a completely different story when you're holding up lines to talk to Rapunzel about random things that no one's interested in. 

Fairytale Hall paying respect to the Snow White ride.

Fireworks from Beast's castle was AMAZING! and deserted. 
I highly suggest watching them from there if you ever get a chance. 

We watched the parade from Main Street- which was also a must. It "snowed". 

Real live ponies! were the highlight of the parade for me.

We got in line just in time to see the Country Bears!

If you ever get a chance to attend this party, I highly suggest it! It's a great way to see the Christmas parade and the parks without the crazy Christmas time crowds. I do suggest figuring out what's important for you to see during the party and make a plan. The time goes by quickly and there is a lot to see and do! 

Even though you can get into the park as early as 4pm, the "official" party entertainment doesn't happen until 7pm. I suggest doing things like riding rides or eating during that time, so it doesn't take up time for the party specific entertainment.

We did not get a chance to see any of the special shows, but I don't think they would've gone over well with my nieces. They're at the age that all they want to do is ride rides. It was hard enough getting them to agree to stop and meet the characters. Hopefully, we'll get to go back again and see all the things we missed. 


  1. Looks like a lot of fun! Glad you had a good time.

  2. Oh, I'm so jealous! My husband and I were just saying that if we get a chance to take the kids back to Disney, it has to be during the holidays! =)