Thursday, May 12, 2011

And sometimes I write letters to myself.

Dear Self,
Before you say anything, I know. Life got in the way. Completely understandable. You're a woman. It's a law that once a month, you're allowed to crawl up on the couch, stuff your face with takeout and watch bad television. And it's not every day someone you haven't seen in a year comes in town. It's not everyday a co-worker has a going away happy hour. Strength training after frozen margaritas isn't easy. 

But then again, neither is running a 10K that you haven't prepared for. 

When you are the last person to cross the finish line, don't blame me. 

Your conscience. 

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  1. Dear (Your) Self,
    I one time wanted to get in a run, but instead went to a work bowling party. I didn't bowl, but I enjoyed the rum! And then I went home and ran the fastest mile I have ever run in my life! SO ... maybe frozen margaritas are the key?

  2. Haha! Maybe you're right! I PR'd at the race this weekend. . more on it later. I think I need to start incorporating alcohol in my training.