Monday, May 2, 2011

CMM: Pre-Race

(because I haven't uploaded the pictures of the actual race to my computer yet)

I was up at the whooping time of 3am, to catch my 6am flight. I was at the airport before security even opened, which was insane to me, but it was Laguardia. Even though my love for JetBlue will never die, LGA is a lot closer to my apartment and easier to get to (it literally took 10 minutes in the cab. I know it was early, but that was uber fast). 

I got the most amazing Bacon, Egg and Cheese Stramoli and sat down to watch the Royal Wedding. What other choice did I have? I was up and it was on every TV in the airport. 5 minutes before Kate was supposed to get out the car- They made me board my plane. I was quite annoyed. I wasn't even into it, but after an hour of build up, I wanted to see the dress, dammit. I quickly got over my anger and passed out. Like the entire world wasn't going to be buzzing about it all day (I made Fred go to dinner early so we could get back to see the 20/20 special. So, I fell on the bandwagon. Sue me).

My flight landed early, so Fred and I were able to meet in the terminal and go get the rental together.
First order of business? Find a Panera Bread. We decided to save Chick-fil-a greasiness for after the race.
We were on our way, but got distracted by a Logan's. What can I say? Chain food is my weakness and Nashville did not disappoint. 

I got really excited when we finally got to the expo, and it helped I had someone there with me (I went to the NYC Half's on my lunch break because it was 2 blocks from my work. There were like 4 vendors and a sad disappointment). Fred was not as excited, seeing as it wasn't his first time at the rodeo, but it was fun being excited for both of us.

I bought a pin and a magnet of my medal, giving me lots of motivation to get the actual one the next day. I love that RnR is making these now. I also signed up for my next 3 races (Rhode Island, VA Beach and Savannah) so now all I need to do is complete them and I get my Rockstar medal. My checking account is not pleased, but whatever. It could've been a lot worse. 

We spent a fair amount of time walking up and down the aisles, but I knew I needed rest, so we went back to the hotel.

Carb loading for dinner. We did in fact make it to Panera. I know, nothing new on race day (which will come back to haunt me later- not due to this. More on that later) but carbs are carbs. This race clearly taught me I don't have a sensitive stomach. 

We stopped at Target (another must-do for me whenever I go out of town) for breakfast food and enough Gatorade and water to internally drown a horse, then it was off to bed for me. Only after 20/20, of course. 

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