Thursday, May 19, 2011

UAE Healthy Kidney 10K

This 10K totally made up for the crappy 4miler. 
Much to my dismay, I think this is turning into my favorite distance to run. It's not too short that you hate running the entire time (a 5K) but it's not long enough for you to start hating it again (a half). It's the Goldilock's of races- just right. I'm not giving up on my love for a half to grow, I'm just saying. 

After only running once in 2 weeks and spending one of those weeks consuming alcohol almost every night- I STILL PR'D! What?! You heard me. It was 9 seconds, but a PR is a PR. Thank you, Pink shirt girl. If your speeding up then looking back every 5 seconds to see where I was wasn't so obvious, I wouldn't have conserved my energy to blow past you 400 meters from the finish. Just a tip for next time? If you're going to make it soooooo obvious you're trying to beat a fellow racer, make sure you can ;-)

I felt really good pretty much the entire race. I believe it was cooler due to overcast skies. It was a larger race being that it wasn't Mother's Day. It was also nice to have someone to talk to before and after the race (I convinced a friend to join me). I was trying really hard to run my own race but when I get caught in a leap frog with another run/walker, it annoys me. I need to work on not paying attention. But overall, it was just a better experience reminding me exactly why I continue to get out of bed at ungodly hours on the weekend and sweat for fun. 
YaY! for Strong Kidneys!

I did not win the trip to UAE but this guy set a new world record. A 10K in 27 minutes? He was half done and I hadn't even crossed the start line. I also find it very amusing that everyone's hand is on their watches at the start line. That's serious business. Don't mess with the Garmin. 

But in other news? I went to the gym and I lost 5 pounds! finally. The scale hasn't moved in months, but my clothes were getting bigger. Being the girl that I am, I wanted to see results via numbers on the scale. So maybe not working out and drinking should be incorporated in my training? If that's the case, I don't know why I bother at all. Just kidding.


  1. This post is all sorts of awesome! -5 pounds. Healthy kidneys. A PR!! Beating pink-shirt girl.


    I was not even trying to beat people at my 2nd half marathon until the girl by me looked back at me and sped up. Oh no - I was NOT going to stand for it. I hauled ass at 6:45 pace I think and passed her before the finish line .... then puked everywhere for a while. It was awesome!

    I feel terrible I have no Real World story for this post.

  2. WAHOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!! Check you out you little minx!!!! Well done, the Lezzies are proud of you across the pond. x

  3. It's all good FF, no Real World comment needed. And Go you for showing that girl who's boss, even if it cost you your breakfast.
    It drives me nuts. Your only competitor should be yourself. ugh.

    Rachel, Thank you :-) You know I love my lezzies from across the pond! I'm super proud of you too!