Sunday, May 22, 2011

I'd still want to spend my last day on earth running.

I forgot which blog I found the quote, but it's something like my runner friends and I talk about running when we are not running and talk about everything else when we are running. Which is a perfect example of what went down this weekend.

Saturday was the epitome of perfect weather for running. It was hot but the breeze cooled you off and it was sunny (I have a sunburn to prove it!). Anna and I did 7 perfect miles down the west side highway, up and down all the piers. It was gorgeous. I wish I would've enjoyed it more, but seeing as we hadn't run together in weeks, there was a lot to be said on our run. Thank you, Ms. Banana for listening to me talk the entire time. I should probably start paying her for her psychotherapy.

So as we were discussing how much of a catch we are, we ran into this "sign" which totally proves it.

Now we just need a few people to wake up and realize this then we can concentrate on the view of the Hudson River ;-)

At brunch, I planted the seed that Anna should probably run a full marathon. She wasn't too happy with that and responded "if I still had a blog, I would blog about this!" so I'm doing it for her- knowing that everyone reading would fully agree with me! But I am super jelly (<- you like that? I just heard this term from my ultra hip 21 yr old co-worker and I highjacked it) of all my TNT friends, who will be running the San Fran marathon. A Tiffany's necklace instead of a medal handed to you by a fireman in a tuxedo?! HELLO? Where do I sign up? But alas, I cannot go through the stress of fundraising again this year. Maybe next?

Afterwards, we spent the night taking Britney Spears' advice and danced [and drank] until the world ends, but it never did, did it? We were celebrating everyone who ran the Vancouver marathon on a rooftop bar with the Empire State Building as a backdrop.

As the night went on, the ESB disappeared due to the fog and I admit, I got a little spooked. If I can't admit I'm silly to the blogosphere, who can I admit it to?

Hope everyone spent this weekend doing what they love just in case ;-)

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  1. Are you sure the ESB didn't just sink? I mean maybe that is the start of this whole Rapture ordeal? My mixer on my cloud Sunday didn't happen either. Guess we'll get ready for the next Rapture that I hear is scheduled to happen in October. At least this let's me get in a lot of my races before then.

    I'm "jelly" as you say - I totally want to steal that now, too! - because you must have amazing places to run. Some day I want to run in Central Park. It's on my bucket list!