Monday, May 16, 2011

How I figured out my perfect day.

It felt really good to get back into a normal weekend. Normal being, long run on Saturday, recovery run on Sunday. I missed that. What I miss even more?  Plain ol' long runs. Running just to run. I think having a race every weekend for the past month was way stressful. I'm excited for next weekend to just run for fun.

Besides that, I saw Forks Over Knives this weekend.

If you haven't heard of it, watch the trailer. Then go see it. I will admit, I still think going vegetarian is a foreign concept to this southern girl (honestly, never met one until I moved to NYC) and most vegans are pretentious asses (no offense. Please understand I live in hipsterville and I'm sure being a hipster is the pretentious ass part, but they are one in the same to me) but after watching this film, a plant based diet just makes sense. Not that I'm giving up bacon or cheese any time soon. I just gave up smoking. Let me morn over that loss before we get crazy.

Another thing that makes sense? Humans were born to run. You should read this book.

It's extremely well written and I was very sad when it ended. Want to know the science behind this statement? Read Chapter 28. Want to read about an amazing adventure a journalist turned runner and bunch of ultra runners went on in Copper Cannon? Read the whole thing. 

And with all that, I figured out my perfect day. It starts with a morning run of at least 6 miles, followed by brunch, then to the movies and finally a shower then a nap ending with a good book on the couch. Amazing. 

Do you have a perfect day? How long did it take you to figure yours out? 

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  1. I have Born to Run sitting on my table at home. My friend insists that I read it, and I think I'm the only one that hasn't yet, so I will!

    I'm a vegetarian and even I groan at the thought of going to some vegan joint. I mean is it possible to be vegan or vegetarian and NOT be all strange and beyond earth? Am I the only vegetarian in Oregon that bathes regularly and shaves?