Friday, May 27, 2011

The inevitable break-up.

It's that time in a relationship when you both know it's over, you're just too scared to end it. I haven't fully committed to the break up yet because I know she has a few more miles in her, but it's inevitable. We've been through so much together, it really sucks that it has to end. The things that initially drew me in, are now the things that are pulling me away. As I grow as a person, I am slowly realizing what I want and need out of a relationship. Sadly, what I thought those wants and needs were have changed. 

When I brought someone else home the other night, I think she figured it out. 

Now I'm not saying this new relationship is perfect or exactly what I want, but when I put her on, it was an instant love at first fitting. 

I took her out for a quick date (30 minutes on the treadmill) and I already noticed a huge difference. She's not clingy at all and she has less cushion which makes it almost natural to have a midfoot strike. I still have to work at remembering to correct my form, but with these shoes, it's going to be so much easier. I think my right leg is longer than my left (completely random information you neeeeed to know) because it's harder for me to get that foot to fall the way I want. It's going to take a lot of work. Even in resting position, I sit on my heels (which I'd like to think is more of a personality trait projecting itself). But I'm working on it.

And I think Gilda is perfect for helping me accomplish this. 

No, she is not the badass black and lavender Mizunos I thought I wanted. But that's the thing with running shoes, you know if you're a match as soon as you slip your foot in. The badass looking ones were everything I wanted on the outside, but were all wrong on the inside. As soon as I put Gilda on, the salesguy knew we had found a match. 

Now if only I could apply this technique to actual dating. 

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  1. Onward and upward. Things run their course - then you move on to better things. I see a bright future ahead of you!

    *Now I think we're doing the underground tour, too! I'm soooo ready for Seattle. I just hope I can run and finish in time for Everclear. If I can't, then I might be on the side of the course dead somewhere.