Sunday, April 17, 2011

Sunday Funday Randomness.

1. I do not look any better running in capris than I do running in a skirt. I need to work on this. I am photogenic, dammit.
2. But at least I figured out that wearing a hat makes me look less tragic.
3. I need to figure out how to mentally calm down after a long run. My body wants to sleep but my mind is racing (no pun intended).
4. Due to this, I decided to paint my nails and toenails. It was a scary situation.
5. Long runs are awesome for telling stories. Especially relationship stories. After the entire story has been told, you don't even notice you just ran 6 miles because you've been so wrapped up in knowing the ending.
6. Long runs still do not give you the answer to said relationship drama.
7. Experimenting with night-before run rituals can be surprising. Pitchers of beer and wings were surprisingly not as traumatic as I was expecting. Waking up at 6am after said pitchers was still a bitch.
8. I need to stop using running as a way to get out of being social. Hence, last week's activities of drinking and fun. I know I can do both, I'd just rather not and that's not going to win me any more friends.
9. Smoking right before going to the gym is a good plan the day before you are quitting. 10 minutes in and my heart was ready to beat out of my chest. I was in so much pain. Must remember that feeling.
10. Sign up for another Half Marathon before you run your next one, but far enough after your previous one so you forgot how you felt. RnR Seattle, here I come!

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