Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Injuries suck.

We all knew it was coming. Luckily, it happened after my NYC Half, but not so lucky, it happened right before an action packed race schedule.
I got injured. 
And it sucks. 

I clearly was thinking I was a bigger rockstar than I am. Saturday I went out ready to rock 11 miles and I ended up walking the last 2. We all knew my hip hated me after the half, but this time it was my right hip and my left foot (Hey, at least the pain balanced out). I expressed my concern to my coach and she said it was most likely due to a weak calf muscle from lack of proper stretching. Sounds about right. There are too many things to be stretching and strengthening and I was concentrating on everything hurting, so I'm sure I was neglecting my calves. 

Anyway. I'm not a happy camper. This is what the rest of my month looks like. I don't have time for this.

This weekend: Scotland 10K
Easter weekend: Crescent City Classic 10K
Weekend after that: Nashville Half

So I will be rocking the strength training from now until Sunday. If I have to, I will walk it on Sunday. Then, I will rest more. I'm a New Yorker, staying off my feet is nearly impossible. 

Have I mentioned this is beyond frustrating?

I will leave you with a pic from another adventure with Anna. Last saturday, she convinced me to go to brunch at The Plaza. I had never been and never thought my first visit (let alone, any visit) I would be rocking Under Armor. 

After practice last week, she mentioned we would be going to MSG for a basketball game. Little did she mentioned, we'd be court side, in Under Armor. Again. 

Oh the fashion statements I've been making. 

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