Sunday, June 23, 2013

Dumbo Training week 8

MON: Rest

TUES: 2M and Piyo

WED: Packing (that counts right? :) 

THURS: Rest at a bar/ work outing

FRI: Run through terminals. . . travel day :)

SAT: 4M (hopefully- stay tuned!) UPDATE: yea, that didn't happen. The wedding was a 12hour marathon and the entire weekend was  jam-packed with events- so that counts for something, right?! I didn't realize how much stuff was going on and I wasn't even in the wedding! It was exhausting. We made it through, but sadly my long run did not. Being in heels that long should give me extra points, too!

SUN: Run through some more terminals- you think the Ohio airport has a yoga room. . . travel day :)

You see what I did there? I was so active, let me tell you. 


  1. I was more sore after dancing all night in heels at a wedding than a workout I had done earlier in the week. I actually needed a rest day from dancing! Soo, I definitely think the wedding events count! Good luck on your next week of training!!

    1. Glad we feel the same way! Thanks :)

  2. Running through terminals totally counts. As does sitting in a bar. And eating wedding cake. It all counts. ;)