Friday, June 21, 2013

Portugal 5M

Wow. I did not realize that going clockwise through the park would be so hilly. . and worse hills, I might add! I always thought the 3 bitches on the west side were the worst going the other way. I was proven wrong on Sunday. At least it was just the lower and middle loops; no Harlem Hill, but it could've easily snuck in there on me. It was pretty brutal. The weather was a saving grace, though. It rained a little when I was getting to mile 1, but stopped. I'll take it; better than heat and humidity. 

I'm sure it didn't help that the first mile and a half I had a calf cramp. No thanks to the non-running week I had, I'm sure. Although, for not running AT ALL (except maybe to get to the Izod Center because we were super late to the concert) last week, I think I did pretty well. Not well enough to PR, but that's ok! I knew I wasn't going to, but I did want to push myself as much as I could. From now on I'm no longer just going to get through it. I'm going to challenge myself. How else am I going to get faster? Hope I can keep that thinking up.

I am a fan of tech tees. . .and compression socks! 

Thanks, Portugal, for the boost of confidence.


  1. Hearing about the hills in CP is scaring me for NYCM. Eek.

    Sweet socks!

    1. NYCM barely runs through Central Park, but I will say when I ran the last 10 miles of the course, there are about 3 "hills" that really piss me off since they're so close to the end.