Monday, June 3, 2013 has launched!

Disclaimer: I am an ambassador for and will be doing ongoing campaigns with the site. This will include reviews of products and giveaways provided by kindrunner. I will be providing my 100% honest opinion, per usual. 

Following up from my previous post, Kind Runner has officially launched!

Since the launch and spending a good amount of time poking around the site, I've learned some cool new things about Kind Runners that I'd love to share with you:

Confident Runner Pricing- this option is available to you at check out. If you know the running shoe you're buying is exactly what you want, you can waive the free return shipping in exchange for a below retail price of the shoe.

More details on the Kindness Cash Rewards Program:  
They're working with Soles 4 Souls and The More Fountain Group to get your old running shoes to people in need. For every new pair of shoes you buy, you will be shipped a return label with your purchase, to send your old shoes to kindrunner. This will get you $10 in credit to any of your future purchases on anything that the site sells and your credits never expire. 

The Expert Product Reviews- I love that you can get more information on the shoe from actual people, even better they know what they're talking about!

The return policy is pretty sweet! As long as they're in the original packaging and condition, you have a year, no questions asked! How nice is that?

My favorite feature so far is the approved alternatives. I've been having such a hard time switching my shoes because it just gets too overwhelming to think about the possibilities. Thank you, Kind Runner, for making this easier. 

Remember, the free 3 way shipping is in effect! Free shipping for your old shoes, your new shoes and returns (if needed)

Be one of the first 500 customers and get free socks for life!

Have you checked the site out? What's your favorite feature?


  1. I'll check it out...looks pretty cool!

  2. Great! I wish I could buy a new pair right now! From what I know so far I love kindrunner and all that they are doing!

    1. Right?! I do too! I have a few pairs to give away, too!

  3. Approved alternatives? That sounds fantastic!