Thursday, October 17, 2013

(3things) wellness fairies, MCM is on and the NYCM medal

I ran out of luck with the wellness fairy this week. I've been teetering on the edge of getting sick for awhile, but I've been really good about taking preventative measures. I'm telling you daily vitamins, they're my secret weapon- and my rest day after traveling. Not this time, though. Usually going to the gym to try to sweat it out works like a charm, but I had no such luck on Tuesday. I'm pretty sure the 20miler was the breaking point. My body wasn't having it anymore. . .and guys, being sick sucks. I can't decided if I want to try to sweat it out again at the gym tonight or just rest. Even though it's taper time, 14 miles are on the schedule for this weekend. 

(via The MCM FB page)
The New York City Marathon is safe from the government shutdown, but earlier this week, it looked like the Marine Corps Marathon might not be so lucky. Even though last year it was a natural disaster, not knowing if the race that you spent the last 6 months of your life training for will go on? Yea. I completely empathized with those tapering marathoners. It's a really terrible feeling and I don't wish it on anyone. To be honest, I think I'm still suffering effects from it and probably won't allow myself to fully get excited until I'm literally toeing the start line. But I digress. I'm so glad the government temper tantrum is nearing an end and we were able to accomplished so much . . . wait. No. That's not right. 

Thanks for the preview, Mary! 

So, I spoke too soon. Who can NOT get excited after seeing this?! 


  1. LOVE the NYC medal! 2014 for me perhaps?!

  2. After I saw that medal I was kicking myself that I won't be getting it this year! I've Googled medals from early years and wow, they mostly suck. It's like someone tried to make them ugly! The last few years have been pretty good, but this year is definitely the best one I've seen. I hope people agree with me and spam NYRR with positive feedback on the design, I don't want an ugly one next year!

    I hope you feel better, Abs! Rest up and drink lots of fluids, hon!

    1. Honestly, NYCM is the only race I run for the experience and not the bling. I never understood why they can't make a decent looking medal. . . but I am glad their branding lately has been top notch!

      Thanks! I really need to work on the rest thing.

    2. Strangely, I'm not as enticed by bling as I used to be, but NYCM is one I think I actually want to frame. I do love that the medals are solid metal - for some reason, it seems more serious to me, lol!

  3. Love the NYCM medal! It's gorgeous!