Sunday, October 20, 2013

NYC Marathon- 2 weeks to go!

Monday: Rest

Tuesday: 2M

Wednesday: Rest

Thursday: 1.5 lower loops of Central Park

Friday: Rest

Saturday: 10M

Sunday: Massage

My weekly workouts sucked this week because of whatever this head congestion thing is (fingers crossed it's finally gone!) Trying again on Thursday to sweat it out didn't work and it only made me feel worse on Friday. That didn't stop me from enjoying the hell out of my long run though.

I started at 14th street and ran up to the park. Not sure if you're into street art or following along, but the well known artist, Banksy, has been throwing up pieces all over NYC lately as a month long tour around all the boroughs. I knew there was one in the area so I want to stop and see if it was still there, and seeing as it was 6:45AM, without mobs of people. It was there! But there was also a gate and some security guards (apparently other street artists have been vandalizing them as soon as they go up). I will say, it was pretty cool to see in person and my love for this city grew even more- where else can you see something like that on your long run?

Once I got to the park, I ran across town to run across the Queens borough Bridge. I conveniently forgot that the charity groups like to run the last 10 miles of the marathon at the exact same time I was getting there. . . and that's when I truly understood why other runners don't like charity groups. Single file people! BUT I will say TNT (the ones who usually get the most flack for it bc they are a really big organization) was the ONLY group running single-file. . .and I got to say hello to a bunch of my friends, which made me super happy :) until a girl in the group hit me and I went back to understanding everyone else's hatred. 

I also knew the marathon route flags were up and I decided to run the last couple of miles in the park and head over to the finish line area to see if anything was up yet. I will say, running the marathon in your own town brings a different kind of excitement. It might have just been me, but the energy in the park was amazing! Marathon season is definitely in the air! 

For the record, I did let myself get excited about all that. . .but I (hope) promise it won't happen again until I'm at the start line. I did print out my registration card (Orange Wave 4!! What what!) and I'm starting to decide what I want from this race. . so maybe it's getting a little more real? 


  1. Wait, wait, wait. Someone HIT you?! Wtf, happened?! I'm super excited for you! You've worked so hard! I can't wait to see your finish pics and read your recaps. Too bad we can't party it up afterword! Team Freeeeeedooommm!

    1. Oh, nothing serious. Just like. . . was running too close and her arm swung out to far. I called her a bad name under my breath. . .it's all good :)

      Ahh! I'm so nervous. Do wish yall would be there with me!

  2. Was it someone from my group? I hope not! I was trying to keep everyone single file the best I could!

    1. No! It was a group after. I really want impressed with TNT though. Y'all were awesome!