Wednesday, October 23, 2013

WoW Wednesdays: Help me build my marathon playlist!

I'm sure yall already knew that ;)

Coincidentally, I just went through my running playlist and decided I hate all but a handful of songs, which is fine, but I have a marathon to run next weekend.

Although, I will admit- I listened to Rock my run's Fist Pump Mix on repeat for my 20 miler so maybe I'm ok with listening to a handful of songs. But I digress.

According to the most influential interwebs- here and here-  (at least to me!) the new song is Pitbull/ Ke$sha Timber. Seeing as I live in New York and hardly have a chance to listen to the radio, I'm going to have to trust them-


what's new on your running playlist?


  1. I'm building my marathon playlist too! Can't wait to see what songs are suggested!

  2. I love that I'm influential! Makes my day!

    Do you like classical/soundtrack music? I've got a pretty big music collection. I can send you a list of my faves, but there's one song that is totally random and I add it to every single race playlist (usually multiple times in the same playlist). It's kinda out there, but so am I, right! Lol

    Tell me what you like and I'll rec stuff for you!

    1. You ROCK! I'm a fan of everything but I was looking for more upbeat stuff to get me through if I need it.

  3. So glad someone is taking advantage of my TUNESday feature. I was beginning to think I was the only one who appreciated it. Now, let's see how good of a friend you are. Do you remember the song I finished my first 6 marathons to? I'll give you a clue, my first marathon was in December 2008.

  4. I never listen to music when I run, but I might be putting together a playlist for the New York City Marathon as well and some of these Artists will be included: Katy Perry - especially - Roar, Survivor's Eye of the Tiger, Rihanna, Pink, Black Eyed Peas, Montell Jordan "This is How We Do It", LMFAO, Gaga

  5. I rarely listen to music while running, but I might be putting together a playlist for the New York City Marathon. Some of the artists will be Katy Perry - especially, "Roar," Lady Gaga, Eminem, "Till I Collapse," Survivor, "Eye of the Tiger," Rihanna, Pink, Montell Jordan, "This is How We Do It"